Artists – Need studio space?

Artists – Need studio space?
The Olympia Artspace Alliance is conducting a survey of creative people to evaluate the need for artist studio space and artist live/work space in Olympia. They would like artists within a 50 mile radius to take the survey. Of course we would love to have as many Native artists and Native creative people fill out the artist survey as possible. So you should consider completing it. The link is below, and consider passing it along to other Native artists to complete as well, even if they live in your home with you.

These sorts of projects often don’t have much Native participation and so the spaces that could be useful in some capacity to Native artists are not reflective of your needs as creative people. The spaces will be offered at below market rate and can include simply studio space.

A bit about the project here, but also at

Olympia Artspace Alliance:

Raises the funds necessary for predevelopment costs and detailed feasibility studies to bring an artist live/work facility to the community.

Collaborates with local municipalities, businesses, individuals and foundations to facilitate the required groundwork necessary to bring such a project to fruition.

Builds awareness of the arts to develop local support.

Promotes this project as an ideal, creative place making project for Olympia’s economic development, with recognized

The Longhouse first became aware of the intent to pursue the project over a year ago when we were invited to a small roundtable hosted at the Washington State Arts Commission. We were included in the loop again when the survey came up. We encourage you to make your Native artist presence very well-known.