Daily Scoop for May 26

Wishing a Happy Birthday To
Craig Woodburn Parker
Mildred Irene Wagner
Tyler Douglas Johns

Saturday Birthdays
Elsie Ada Quinn Thale
Jeremyha Steven James

Sunday Birthdays
Cahsai Wolf Blueback-Robinson
Donna Peratrovich
Kurt Ellsworth Poste
Molly Troxler

Monday Birthdays
Claudia Jeanette Gui Josa-Meas
Redwolf S. Krise
William Charles Lopeman

No Elders Meal Today

Thank you David Lopeman!

Many years of service as Squaxin Island Tribal Chairman!

Watch the video!

Thought for the Day

Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.
– Saadi

A Joke a Day

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