Daily Scoop for September 20

Wishing a Happy Birthday To
Kayla Marie Johnson
Terry Lee Brownfield

Tomorrow’s Birthdays
Atawit Krise-Lyon
Desmond Ashley Smith
Esther Melinda Fox
Gregory Scott Koenig
Jada Lesley Krise
Kassidy Mckenna Rayanne Burrow
Melody Marie Moliga

Today’s Elders Meal
Casino Buffet

Attempted Kidnappings in Shelton

On 09-18-18 there were two attempted kidnappings in Shelton, just after school, near the Mountain View Elementary School. Neither attempts were successful and the children got away. The Shelton Police Department is actively investigating these two attempted kidnappings. Please see additional information on ifiberonenewsradio and http://masonwebtv.com regarding this. The Squaxin Island Police Department takes this seriously and is committed to the safety of our children and the community. I ask everyone to be vigilant and call 911 if you see any suspicious activity in our community. Thanks for your support in keeping the community safe.

Alex Ehler
Chief of Police
Squaxin Island Police Department

Housing Improvement Program for Low Income Members
This notice is to provide information that funding may be available in FY 2019 for extremely low income families through the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) – Housing Improvement Program (HIP). The Office of Housing will accept applications through December 7, 2018.


· You are a member of a federally recognized Tribe

· You live in an approved Tribal service area

· Your income does not exceed 150% of DHHS poverty income guideline

· Your present housing is substandard

· You must meet ownership requirements

· You have no other resources for housing assistance

· You did not acquire your present housing through a federally sponsored housing program that includes such housing assistance

The application process is often difficult, but staff is available to assist you in the process.

Applicants must have exhausted all other resources for housing assistance. The Office of Housing will accept the applications and forward them to the BIA, who will make the final determination.

If you have any questions about the HIP program, please contact Lisa Peters at (360) 432-3871.

Oyster and Clam Harvest Regulations

Chinook Fishing Regulations

Hunting Regulations

Salish Seafoods is purchasing fish from tribal fishermen. Call 360-490-3886 to pre-arrange to have the buyer available to buy your fish. You can also call that number to request being added to Salish Seafoods’ contact list.

Thought for the Day
A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.
– Robert A. Heinlein

A Joke a Day

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