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There are some simple tactics home gardeners can use to improve the results that they get. For example, many people will want to set up a hydroponic gardening system. This can actually save a considerable amount of space, freeing owners up to incorporate other materials. Herbs and other types of vegetables can easily be grown from the windowsill, adding variety to the gardens that owners put in to place. Click on the link below for more.

12 Edible Gardening Hacks

4th of July Strawberries



Food is expensive. If you do the grocery shopping for your household, you know that this is one of the highest costs related to your home and family. While it may be unlikely that you can completely eliminate your grocery bill, you can grow certain foods yourself. And, you can grow them from scraps that you would normally throw away.

25 foods you can grow from kitchen scraps

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On a hot or cold evening and it’s getting dark out, kids want something to be entertained them, how about a fun activity? You know they love seeing the lightning bugs flitter around the lawn in the evening sunset. With just a mason jar and a few glow sticks, the kids can create (with your help) a neat lantern. Now they can pretend they’re a firefly with their glow stick lantern. Details and links below…
Tutorial #1
I’ve Done This And It Works Great…Make Sure To Wear Gloves When Cutting The Tips…Keep Away From You Face and Eyes..
Have Fun…

– Kim

Grow a row of beans


Build a birdbath with your kids



Homemade Weed Killer 1 gallon of white vinegar, 1/2 cup salt, Liquid dish soap (any brand), Empty spray bottle. Put salt in the empty spray bottle and fill it the rest of the way up with white vinegar. Add a squirt of liquid dish soap. This solution works best if you use it on a hot day. Spray it on the weeds in the morning, and as it heats up it will do its work.


Light Up Your Party with LED Balloons

Build a vertical Garden
If your garden is small and you haven’t free space to expand it you might like this space saving idea. Make a vertical garden at the end of your terrace. It definitely won’t occupy much space but you’ll be able to plant many flowers in it. Besides it’ll act as a great divider from the neighbor’s yard. The vertical garden on the pictures is made of several wood boards and two buried 4×4 treated wood post with cement to anchor them.


Dragonfly DIY Yard Art


How To Prune Tomatoes
maximize yields and get tomatoes with excellent flavor, pruning the plants is an essential procedure. This post provides a step by step process that should be used to properly prune a tomato plant. There is also a video that shows the process being done. Those who grow tomatoes or who are interested in gardening will likely find this interesting and beneficial to improve their harvest. Click on the link below for details:
How To Prune Tomatoes

Growing Potatoes in Straw
Forget all you’ve heard or what you think you know about growing potatoes… Ready for something new? At City Girl Farming they decided to plant their potatoes in straw this year. Simple… No digging… No weeding… No tilling…. So simple a child can do it. If this sounds interesting, read more at the link below…
Growing Potatoes in Straw


Constructing the perfect outdoor space is unique to each individual depending upon their preferences for plants, seating, style and layout. Whatever your preferences may be, consider incorporating a bird bath into your outdoor space to attract beautiful wildlife. Learn how to make a do it yourself bird bath that will meet your unique style, whether it be quirky or classic. Click on the link below for more.
12 Beautiful DIY Bird Bath Ideas


12 Interesting Ways To Use Coffee In The Garden

Fruitful Container Gardens
By Melinda Myers


Picture yourself harvesting a few fresh strawberries for your cereal in the morning or perhaps picking a few apples from your own backyard tree to cook up into a pie. It is possible, even if you garden on a balcony or small lot. And even if you have plenty of space, you will still appreciate the fun and convenience of reaching out the backdoor and harvesting some homegrown fruit.

Strawberries are excellent container plants. Grow everbearing or day neutral varieties, so you will be harvesting strawberries throughout the growing season. Reduce your workload and increase success with a self-watering hanging basket ( Or dress things up a bit more with a decorative container. The haystack hanging baskets have the beauty of the coco fiber lined planters, but require half the watering. The AquaSav™ liner is a combination of coir and recycled plastic designed to conserve moisture. This means better results with less watering.

But don’t stop there. Add some dwarf fruit trees to your patio plantings. A dwarf apple, peach or pear will provide beautiful spring flowers, nice foliage for the summer and fruit for you to enjoy. Select self-fertile varieties, those that only require one plant to produce fruit, if space is limited. Grow your dwarf trees in large weather-proof pots with drainage. Those in cold climates will need to provide some winter protection, but the first harvest will make that extra bit of work well worth the effort.

Or try your green thumb at growing lemons, limes and other citrus in a container. The fragrant flowers and glossy green leaves are a beautiful prelude to the tasty fruit. Even cold weather gardeners can put their green thumb to the test by growing a Meyer lemon, Kaffir lime or other citrus in a container. Just move the potted plant indoors for the winter and back outdoors next season once the danger of frost has passed.

And don’t forget the blueberries that are high in antioxidants and flavor. These nutritious beauties require moist well-drained acidic soil. Something most gardeners do not have. This makes growing them in containers, where you control the soil, a good option. Blueberries provide seasonal interest with their nodding white bell-shaped flowers in spring, colorful fruit in summer and yellow, orange or red color in fall. Though only one plant is needed to bear fruit, keep in mind that your harvest will more than double if you grow two.

So survey your patio, deck, balcony or garden for space to add a container or two of fruiting plants that are sure to add beauty and flavor to your garden and meals this season.

Love being outdoors but sick of those annoying blood-sucking mosquitoes? Put down the sprays and nets, here are eleven different plants you can grow that’ll help keep the mosquitoes away. Most people know about cintronella, it’s found in many products that keep bugs away, but there are ten other plants that can do the job just as well. Click on the link below for details.
11 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

How To Build A 5 Gallon Self Wicking Tomato Watering Container


If you’re looking for an easier way to water your tomatoes in your garden, check out this self wicking tomato watering container. You’ll find the do it yourself instructions on making this efficient 5 gallon self wicking tomato growing container, including everything from materials needed to instructions to complete the project! Great for those with limited space, on patios or on a balcony. Details at the link below.

How to Build a 5 Gallon Self Wicking Tomato Watering Container

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How To Make A Pallet Garden


Pallets are being used for all kinds of things these days indoors and out. Here is a pallet garden from the very resourceful Mavis over at Mavis shares her steps in creating her pallet garden. Read all about it at the link below:
Creating a Pallet Garden

Happy Gardening . . .

Carrots, Red Cored Chantenay variety (Daucus carota).

Vegetable Gardening on HGTVGardens

Visit for expert advice on growing good-for-you vegetables all season long.

Tin Can Lanterns


Lighting adds so much to a garden and we are always looking for new ways and ideas to add lighting and inspire creativity. We’ve shared several “lighting posts” but these tin can lanterns from Elise at Grow Creative are just adorable and can be reused over and over! Click on the link below for the full tutorial: Tin Can Lanterns

Controlling Common Garden Pests


Organic Controls
Check under and around the rims of pots, beneath ledges, in piles of rocks or logs, and on evergreen shrubs where slugs and snails roost, and pick them off. Beer traps will lure them in at night. Slugs and snails are also deterred by copper strips, which give them an electric shock when they pass over them, and cloches made from plastic bottles. Diatomaceous earth also works to deter their travels.

Beer in a cut-off plastic bottle lures and traps slugs. Use the top half of the bottle to protect seedlings . Fit copper tape around pot rims. Surround vulnerable hostas with copper slug collars.

These pests are commonly known as greenfly, although other colors exist and some have a woolly wax coating. Aphid species number over 4,000 worldwide, and many favor specific plants. They reproduce rapidly in spring and summer.

Controlling Common Garden pests (HGV)

Garden Art from Pop Cans


You’ll need to gather your supplies. You will need:
Spray Paint- if you’re like me you have a large collection to choose from
Acrylic paints
Clear spray finish
Left over molding or dowel rods
Tin Cutters
Bottle caps- I bought mine. I can’t believe I actually paid for bottle caps but we drink cans not bottles.
Pop Cans- You’ll need one for each flower

10 Raised Bed Garden Ideas From Sunset


As more and more people look at gardening as a way to grow some of their own food, to relax and get outdoors, raised garden beds have become more popular. Just as people have all kinds of opinions on what is the best vegetables to grow, soil to use and when to plant, there are many styles of raised beds found in the back yard.

We found 10 raised bed gardens to give you some ideas, along with how to put one together. Check it out at the link below…

Great Raised Garden Beds


Make your own fencing


I use cheat sheets all the time to help me “remember” things, even for the garden. Here is a great post with 22 gardening “cheats” to get you on your way of achieving a productive and beautiful garden with a lot less effort. Like sweeter tomatoes, eye popping rose blooms, free gardening supplies and more! Cheating is OK… when you do it this way! Details at the link below:
22 Unbelievably Clever Gardening Cheats


No matter how big of a garden expert you might be, you probably don’t know much about soil itself. But that brown dirt underneath your plants can be as complicated as the plants themselves. This article will show you which type of soil you have and how to “super charge” your soil to get the most nutrients and the best plants. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty! Click on the link below for more.
How to get Superpowered Garden Soil


Epsom salt has long been a favorite for many gardeners and for some it is a best friend. It can help grow sweeter, tastier vegetables, more vibrant flower color, help in germination of seeds to name a few. Learn more on ways you can make epsom salt a welcomed addition to your grower toolbox. Deatils at the link below…
10 Uses for Epsom Salt in the Garden

The Times’ guide for building a potato growing box yields up to a 100 lbs. of potatoes in a mere 4 square feet is shown below: