Intertidal Shellfish Regulation No. 2016-75

Intertidal Shellfish Regulation No. 2016-75

October 12, 2016

Effective Date:     
October 19, 2016

DNR Lease in Oakland Bay

DNR_SXN_Lease (20-013621)

Pick up Location: 
Shelton Harbor

The DNR Squaxin Lease is opened for Group B harvesters only:
Wednesday, October 19
2:00 AM through 5:00 AM

Hand held fork

Shellfish Type:  
509- Manila clams

Estimated Effort: 
No more than 35 harvesters each day

Estimated Harvest: 
6,650 pounds.

Bag Limit:  
Bag limits for individual harvesters is 190 pounds per harvester. Limit may be adjusted as result of present harvesters.

Size Limit:  
All clams must be 1.5″ or larger in length to be legally harvested.

Harvest shellfish from the Tribe?s leased tidelands.

Other Restrictions:
All harvest must be sold to Salish Seafoods.

Harvesters must be on the list to participate in these harvests. Harvesters must be present and on the list to have a quota.

Harvesters may only dig within the marked areas on the beach.

These beaches are boat access only.

The shellfish monitor will distribute Bag tags on the day of the scheduled harvest.  Harvesters are responsible for properly filling out and attaching these bag tags to all containers of shellfish before selling clams to a buyer.