Other Helpful Information

Squaxin Island Community Residents
As toilet paper remains in high demand during Covid-19, please use this as a reminder to not flush wipes, paper towels, disinfecting wipes, or any other paper products besides toilet paper down the toilet.

Although flushable wipes say they are flushable- they are not. They clog pumps and can lead to overflow of sewage that can cause problems to the environment and human health. An overflow would cause a community wide back-up into your neighbors homes. So please: No wipes down the pipes

Community Services Announcement: WIC, USDA Foods, LIHEAP/Energy Assistance

We are still accepting and processing WIC benefits.

Please call (360) 426-3990 to discuss your WIC needs.

Commodities: You could be eligible for USDA Foods. Call (360) 426-3990 to get set up. You cannot be on SNAP to be eligible for USDA Foods.

Energy Assistance: If you didn’t utilize LIHEAP benefits last year, please call the SPIPA office to see how we can help you.

Debbie Gardipee
(360) 545-7281 work cell

Beware of scams surrounding covid-19
Beware of scams surrounding covid-19 test kits and other medical supplies. Scams are asking for credit card #’s promising to send equipment/supplies.

The National Hot Line to report scams is 877-720-5721. FYI