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Rent and Utility Payments


As the Tribal Leadership continues to work hard at protecting our community from the COVID-19 virus, we are also working at easing the burden on you economically. The Council has approved deferring all rent, and utility payments until May 1st, 2020. Be aware that defer means payments that accrue will be added at a later date, the additional amount will be averaged over the remaining 7 months of the year so as to not create the payment of an entire month at once.

For Tribal members who do not live on the reservation but may have been laid off from work, we ask that you call Family Services at (360) 432-3906 to see what funds you may be eligible for.

Squaxin Island Community Residents
Your household received toilet paper today delivered by some of our exceptional fellow Tribal members. As toilet paper remains in high demand during Covid-19, please use this as a reminder to not flush wipes, paper towels, disinfecting wipes, or any other paper products besides toilet paper down the toilet.

Although flushable wipes say they are flushable- they are not. They clog pumps and can lead to overflow of sewage that can cause problems to the environment and human health. An overflow would cause a community wide back-up into your neighbors homes. So please: No wipes down the pipes

Community Services Announcement: WIC, USDA Foods, LIHEAP/Energy Assistance

We are still accepting and processing WIC benefits.

Please call (360) 426-3990 to discuss your WIC needs.

Commodities: You could be eligible for USDA Foods. Call (360) 426-3990 to get set up. You cannot be on SNAP to be eligible for USDA Foods.

Energy Assistance: If you didn’t utilize LIHEAP benefits last year, please call the SPIPA office to see how we can help you.

Debbie Gardipee
(360) 545-7281 work cell

Beware of scams surrounding covid-19
Beware of scams surrounding covid-19 test kits and other medical supplies. Scams are asking for credit card #’s promising to send equipment/supplies.

The National Hot Line to report scams is 877-720-5721. FYI