Coho Fishing Regulations

Annual Coho Regs

Squaxin Island Annual Coho/Chum Regs 2019

Squaxin Island Tribe Emergency Regs


October 25, 2019

Regs. No. Superseded/Modified:

Fishery Type:
Closed – Coho Commercial Fishery – Closed

Catch Area:
13D-1 Dana Passage
13D-2 Pickering Passage
13D-3 Peale Passage
13D-4 Southern Case Inlet

On/Off Reservation:

Effective Dates:
7:00 p.m.
Wednesday October 30th, 2019

End of Commercial Harvest of Coho

Medicine Creek Treaty Tribes Regs

Regulation Number:  MCTC-06-2019/20

Catch area:
Chamber’s Bay fishing area (13C)

All waters easterly of a line 100′ east of the railroad trestle at the mouth of chamber’s bay to within 400′ of the dam and causeway.

Fishery type:


Date adopted: 
October 10, 2019

Effective dates: 
October 13-November 2, 2019

Legal gear:
Beach seines – 600′ maximum length with a 3″ minimum and 4″ maximum mesh size.

The following rules will be enforced:

1.       Be considerate of others waiting for an opportunity

2.       Please limit hang time on the pocket to 15 minutes

3.       Complete pull and allow others to have a turn

4.       If no one is waiting, hang times can exceed 15 minutes until another fishermen is waiting.

Marine set gill nets – 100′ maximum length, minimum 5″ mesh size.

Set nets shall be tended not less than once every 24 hours. All set nets must be attached to the shore or anchored to the high water line. The end not attached to shore must be marked with a floating buoy not less than 20″ in diameter; each buoy must be lit and marked in letters no less than 1″ in height with Owner’s full name and tribe name. Set nets must be 100’ apart and may not be tied together, and must all be anchored individually.

Beginning 12:00 noon Sunday, October 13, 2019

Beach seines: OPEN 1 day per week, from Sunday 12:00 Noon to Monday 12:00 Noon.

Set nets: OPEN 1 days per week, from Monday 12:00 Noon to Tuesday 12:00 Noon.

November 2, 2019.

The above schedule may change to ensure fishable conditions.

Harvestable coho

The following actions will be subject to penalties and/or fines in accordance with tribal fishing ordinances adopted by the Medicine Creek Treaty Tribes:
– Wantonly wasting or destroying food fish.
– Disposing of litter into the water or onto shore while participating in the in-common fisheries of the Medicine Creek Treaty Tribes.