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Green Team





Honoring Our Connection with the Earth


The Green Team is made up of Squaxin community volunteers and employees who help with recycling, composting, and waste reduction within the workplace and at community events. Green Team members are waste reduction experts and a valuable resource in the workplace and community.

What is the Commitment?

Green Team members commit to:

•   Attend a 2 hour training,
•   Help with at least one event per year,
•   Oversee waste diversion in respective departments (employees only), and
•   Attend quarterly meetings.

Green Team Training

1. The initial 2-hour training is a short course that covers the following topics:

2. Where does trash go after I throw it in the bin? An overview of waste management.

3. What are the alternatives? An overview of recycling, composting, and waste prevention as alternatives.

4. What is preferable purchasing? A detailed look at buying “green” products.

5. What is hazardous waste? An overview of toxins in the workplace and the home and alternatives to toxins.

6. Where does the Green Team fit into waste diversion? Event recycling and waste diversion in the work place.

Ongoing training are incorporated into quarterly meetings. These trainings may take the form of workshops or field trips according to interest and needs of the Green Team. All trainings take place during work hours for employees and are provided as needed in the evening for community members.

Green Team Manual

The manual is a training tool for Green Team members. It outlines the initial 2-hour training and serves as an ongoing resource. After reviewing this information Green Team members become waste reduction experts and a valuable asset in the workplace and in the community.

Green Team Manual
Commercial Recycling Guide
Residential Curbside Recycling Guide
Event Recycling Guide


How Can I Get Involved?

Monica Nerney
Squaxin Island Tribe
(360) 432-3907

Office Hours: Mon – Thurs  7:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.