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The Kamilche Pharmacy needs your support!

The Kamilche Pharmacy is converting to a new computer system

We are working hard to get this system in place and have the pharmacy staff learn the new procedures for the new system.

We are asking for your patience in this new conversion.

1. REFILLS – Please call/allow 24 to 48 hours before you come to pick up your refill.

2. Please provide the pharmacy staff a list of All medication you are requesting.

Thank you for your patience with our staff. It takes time to add all the information into the new system and also for the staff to learn a new way of doing business.

We appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Thank you!
Connie Whitener, Health Director

Covid-19 Vaccines

Q&A with Squaxin Island Health Clinic staff

90 Day Medications for Maintenance Drugs

Squaxin Island Health Clinic approach to management and testing with regard to concern for COVID-19

Patients with mild symptoms and no history of exposure:
(Example: cough without fever or shortness of breath)

Social distancing

No need to come in to clinic

Patients to stay home, rest, and stay hydrated

Patients with no known exposure but concerning symptoms:
(Example: cough, fever, shortness of breath).

Social distancing

Present to clinic for evaluation including testing to rule out influenza and strep and, if necessary, refer out to Kaiser or the emergency room for COVID-19 testing

Get lots of rest and stay hydrated

Patients with a history of exposure to confirmed COVID-19 and concerning symptoms:
Present to clinic for evaluation including testing to rule out influenza and strep and, if necessary, refer out to Kaiser or the emergency room for COVID-19 testing

Hospitalization, if indicated, otherwise, self-quarantine for two weeks

Get lots of rest and stay hydrated

All patients presenting to clinic with ANY respiratory symptoms will be masked and immediately moved to an isolated examination room

As the situation changes this process is subject to change as well

Clinic Approach to for COVID-19
If we believe we have a patient that meets the criteria, we will take the next steps to get that patient tested. We currently are screening patients prior to arrival via phone. When they call in, we are asking questions regarding symptoms. If the receptionist is uncomfortable with the answer, she will transfer the phone call to the nurse and they will triage further. Staff has been instructed that, when we have a patient who needs to be seen and there is a concern regarding the contagion issue, we will ask meet them at the back door and have them place a mask on. They will then be escorted to a room and the door will be shut. The nurse will have the correct protective equipment on when she meets the patient.

Pharmacy pickup until further notice

 Patients can pick up prescriptions at the outside window.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for refills.

Please let the pharmacy know all medications you would like refilled.

Articles Written by Dr. Ferguson


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Weatherproofing for the Pandemic Storm

COVID-19 The “Silent” Killer

Mason General Hospital now has drive thru testing by appointment only.
If you think you need to be tested, please call the hotline @ (360) 427-3615 to be screened.

 Communication resources for COVID-19 created by the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health

Over 9,000 patient/client contacts take place each year with services provided for medical, dental and behavioral health.

Mammogram clinics are a successful part of our womens’ cancer prevention program.



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