Adults, Elders and Family Services

Adults, Elders, and Family Services include:  Community Services Block Grant, Elders Program, Emergency Assistance, Family Justice Program, Family Violence Victim Assistance, General Assistance, Native Employment Works, Tribal Emergency Food Vouchers, Tribes Assisting Native Families, Victims of Crimes Assistance Program, Vocational Rehabilitation Program, Western Washington Indian Employment Training Program, representative.

Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) addresses problems of inadequate nutrition, isolation or being homebound, and provides recreational activities for qualified individuals.  CSBG inquiries can be made to 432-3995.

The Elders Program coordinates all Elder fund raisers, trips and activities.  The cooks provide lunch on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, along with Thursday dinner each week except the third week.  On the third week of the month the elders are encouraged to attend the free dinner at the LCCR Buffet.  The meal schedule can be found at the Elders’ Program link.  The Elders’ Activities Coordinator can be reached at 432-3868.

Emergency Assistance can be provided through several programs.  Qualified tribal and community members may receive assistance with food, fuel, rent, and utilities, from Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), Family Violence Victim Assistance (FV), TANF, Tribal Emergency Food Vouchers, Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), And partnerships with other programs and community agencies below.  Contact information is contained in the corresponding grant description.

Family Justice Program is designed to assist young adults – particularly those with a history of substance abuse and/or criminal activities –  by supporting them with opportunities to become healthy, self-sufficient, and engaged community members.  For more information about the Family Justice Program, call 432-3908.

Family Violence Victim Assistance inquiries can be made to 432-3995.

General Assistance (GA) is a program to provide assistance to adult tribal members who have no income that reside in Mason and Thurston Counties.  Staff can assist with application and answer inquiries at 432-3921.

Native Employment Works (NEW) is a program in which the goal is to serve all eligible tribal members, targeting especially those unemployed who may not have access to or be served by other local, state, or tribal services and programs.  For more information about the NEW program call staff at 432-3821 and 432-3949.

Tribal Emergency Food Vouchers Program provides food vouchers to eligible families and individuals.  More information can be obtained from the Child Care Coordinator/Community Advocate at 432-3931.

Tribes Assisting Native Families (TANF) assists qualified families to obtain needed services to gain self-sufficiency.  Services may include: education, GED completion, vocational training, job readiness training, work experience and job training and other identified resources to meet the needs of the family.  TANF Intake Specialist can be reached at 432-3965.

Victims of Crime Assistance Program (VOCA) helps victims of crime with a variety of support services. It also provides staff and community training. The VOCA staff can be reached 432-3907.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is set up to help eligible people with physical or mental disability, in which the disability results in a substantial barrier to employment; then there is a need for VR services.  The VR staff can be reached at 432-3821 and 432-3949.

Western Washington Indian Employment Training Program (WWIETP) representatives can provide employment and training counseling and offer participants, on-the-job and classroom training as well as, work experience.  Eligibility is determined only at the WWIETP office once all of the required paperwork has been completed.   WWIETP representatives can be reached at 432‑3821 and 432-3949.