Family Services Staff

(360) 432-3906

Charlene Abrahamson |  Family Services Director

Adirian Emery  |  ICW Social Worker

Annie-Beth Henry  |  Elders’ Assistant

Courtney Butler  |  ICW Social Worker

Famie Mason  |  Childcare Program Coordinator/Community Advocate

Gloria Hill  |  Domestic Violence Project Community Outreach Coordinator

Holly Henry  |  Kitchen Assistant

Isaac Ackerman  |  TANF Intake Specialist

Jamie Slaughter  |  Vulnerable Adult Specialist

Jill Kenyon  |  TANF Case Manager

Jolene Peters  |  Office Manager

June Krise  |  Vocational Rehabilitation Program Manager

Laila Longshore-Smith  |  VOCA Client Advocate

Lydia Trinidad  |  Elders’ Cook

Lyssa Wier  |  ICW Case Aide

Marcella Cooper  |  Family Justice Services Coordinator

Maria Johnson |  Elders/Vulnerable Adult Home Support Aide

Michael Henderson  |  TANF Client Support Coordinator

Rose Henry  |  TANF Site Manager

Shannon Bruff  |  TANF Employment & Training Specialist, Education

Susan McFarlane  |  TANF Case Manager

Terri Capoeman  |  TANF-ICW Family Support Specialist

Tiffany Henderson  |  TANF Intake Coordinator

Traci Coffey  |  Elders’ Services and Activities Coordinator

Vicki Kruger  |  TANF Employment & Training, Lead

William Marchant  |  Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Counselor


To Be Determined  |  Events and Operations Coordinator/Manager

To Be Determined  |  Healthy Families Parent Education Home Visitor

To Be Determined  |   TANF Case Manager Trainee