Infant and Youth Services

Infant and Youth Services include:  Child Care Program, Healthy Families Program, Indian Child Welfare, Prevention and Wellness, TANF-ICW, TANF Child Only, and Independent Living Skills.

The Child Care Program is funded by the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG).  The program provides low income working families’ assistance with childcare costs and informational activities or assistance with a children’s car seat.  Child Care Coordinator can be reached at 432-3931.

The Healthy Families Program (HF) is designed to provide in-home education and information services to new mothers prenatal to kindergarten age.  The Healthy Families Home Visitor can be reached at 432-3971.

The primary role of Indian Child Welfare (ICW) is to provide services to families in crisis that assist to keeping families together.  Social Workers can be reached at 432-3994 and 432-3885.

Prevention and Wellness funded by the Division of Behavior Health and Recovery (DBHR) supports activities for youth and families to maintain clean and sober living. Educational activities for healthy relationship building.  Contact the ICW Case Aide for more information, 432-3994.

TANF-ICW Building Healthy Generations Project is a bridge program between TANF and ICW which provides wrap around services to minimize out of home placement of children and to provide information to the parents regarding health and wellness.  The TANF-ICW Family Support Specialist can be reached at 432-3987.

TANF Child Only grants provide a monthly grant for children who are in out of home placement in qualified Native American families.  All services are for the care of the children.  TANF Intake Specialist can be reached at 432-3965.

Independent Living Skills (ILS) for youth that meet the guidelines and have been involved in the ICW System in out of home placement to receive training in self-sufficiency skills to help with the transition to adulthood.  Call the ICW Social Worker at 432-3994, for more information.