Indian Preference Policy

The Squaxin Island Tribe is an equal opportunity employer.

Job Announcements will be initially opened for Tribal members only for a period of ten (10) working days, to encourage employment of Tribal members. Announcements will be mailed to all Tribal members. If, after this initial posting, no qualified Squaxin candidates are found, announcements will be opened to the public.

Announcements shall be posted in The Tribal Center, regular work place of tribal employees, and in community locations. Additional posting may be in local newspapers and employment offices and where appropriate.

Eligibility And Screening
The immediate Supervisor will review applications to determine if any Squaxin Tribal Members meet or exceed the minimum qualifications for the position. The Human Resources Director will confirm Tribal enrollment for Squaxin membership and check for other eligibility requirements. Eligibility for re-hire after termination or job abandonment will be 3 months for the 1st occurrence, 6 months for the 2nd occurrence and 1 year thereafter. If a Squaxin applicant or applicants meet the minimum education and experience levels for the position, interviews will be scheduled. Applicants must complete a satisfactory interview and meet other requirements. (i.e. drug testing, references, etc…)

If no qualified Squaxin applicants are available or all Squaxin applicants are disqualified; the vacancy announcement will be opened to the public. After this second posting, the immediate supervisor will determine which candidates meet or exceed the minimum education and experience levels. The Human Resources Director will determine whether any candidates are eligible for Indian Preference per CFR-25. If any Indian Preference candidates are found, interviews will be scheduled, with only Indian Preference eligible candidates interviewed. If no Indian Preference candidates are found, a pool of three or more candidates may be formed. If less than three qualified non-Indian Preference applicants are found, the immediate supervisor and the Human Resources Director may jointly decide whether or not to re-advertise the position.

A rating questionnaire will be established for each position to be filled, prior to conducting interviews. This questionnaire will address experience, skills, knowledge, ability and other requirements for the position. The total score for the questionnaire will be 100 points and will consist of at least five questions. Applicants must score at least 50 points to be eligible for the position.

An additional 5 points will be given to Non-Indian spouses of Tribal Members, for their unique understanding of the Squaxin Island Tribe’s culture and values. (Additional points for Indian candidates are not necessary under this plan.