Recruitment, Selection, Appointment and Separation

Job Vacancy Posting
Special Employment Procedures
Retention of Full Time Seasonal Employees
Employee Orientation
Introductory Period

The recruitment, selection, and appointment of applicants for Tribal employment is the responsibility of the Executive Director. The Tribal Council shall be responsible for the Executive Director’s position.

Job Vacancy and Posting
The Human Resource office should receive a written request from the department wishing to fill a vacancy. The request should include the desires of the department with respect to changes in position description, minimum qualifications, pay range, or posting process. Within three (3) working days of receipt of requisition, the Human Resources office shall post the job announcement.

Job Announcements will be initially opened for Tribal members only for a period of ten (10) working days, to encourage employment of Tribal members. Announcements will be mailed to all Tribal members. If, after this initial posting, no qualified Squaxin candidates are found, announcements will be opened to the public.

Announcements shall be posted in The Tribal Center, regular work place of tribal employees, and in community locations. Additional posting may be in local newspapers and employment offices and where appropriate.

The immediate Supervisor will review applications to determine if any Squaxin Tribal Members meet or exceed the minimum qualifications for the position. The Human Resources Director will confirm Tribal enrollment for Squaxin membership and check for other eligibility requirements. Eligibility for re-hire after termination or job abandonment will be 3 months for the 1st occurrence, 6 months for the 2nd occurrence and 1 year thereafter. If a Squaxin applicant or applicants meet the minimum education and experience levels for the position, interviews will be scheduled. Applicants must complete a satisfactory interview and meet other requirements. (i.e. drug testing, references, etc…)

If no qualified Squaxin applicants are available or all Squaxin applicants are disqualified; the vacancy announcement will be opened to the public. After this second posting, the immediate supervisor will determine which candidates meet or exceed the minimum education and experience levels. The Human Resources Director will determine whether any candidates are eligible for Indian Preference per CFR-25. If any Indian Preference candidates are found, interviews will be scheduled, with only Indian Preference eligible candidates interviewed.

If no Indian Preference candidates are found, a pool of three or more candidates may be formed. If less than three qualified non-Indian Preference applicants are found, the immediate supervisor and the Human Resources Director may jointly decide whether or not to re-advertise the position.

A rating questionnaire will be established for each position to be filled, prior to conducting interviews. This questionnaire will address experience, skills, knowledge, ability and other requirements for the position. The total score for the questionnaire will be 100 points and will consist of at least five questions. Applicants must score at least 50 points to be eligible for the position.

An additional 5 points will be given to Non-Indian spouses of Tribal Members, for their unique understanding of the Squaxin Island Tribe’s culture and values. (Additional points for Indian candidates are not necessary under this plan.

Special Employment Procedures

Supervisors, with the prior documented approval of the Executive Director may
fill a position on a temporary basis not to exceed 180 days. Supervisorsmust consult with the Human Resources Office to determine if there are interested Tribal members within the Skills Bank. Temporary positions may not be converted to regular positions. However, temporary employees may apply for any open position.

Every effort will be made to ensure that emergency hires will be Tribal Members only. In the absence of qualified Tribal members, the supervisor may proceed to recruit and hire independently. During the advertising period, these emergency hires may apply for the position. Emergency hires may be hired without advertisement for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days, or completion of recruitment process.

Employees of the Squaxin Island Tribe may be eligible for a promotion to another position within the organization based on performance. All promotions must be approved by the Executive Director prior to advertisement of available position.

Also, prior to advertisement of a vacant position, the Executive Director may approve a transfer of a current employee who is qualified into the vacant position.

Promotions and transfers may also be used as a cost saving measure. If a position becomes vacant, and it is prudent to promote/transfer an existing employee to assume the duties without filling the position, a request may be made to the Executive Director. If approved, the position description will be revised to reflect the new duties of the employee.

Retention of Full Time Seasonal Employees
Employees who have satisfactorily worked for two successive seasons may be considered as having regular, full-time, seasonal status and shall be recalled to work according to seniority and without need for competitive hiring.

The Human Resources Office shall insure that all applicants are notified of their selection or non-selection within three (3) working days of that decision.

Employee Orientation
On their first day, all new employees will meet with the Human Resources Director or his/her designee. The Human Resources Director shall advise employees on the general conditions of employment. An explanation of and signing of the drug-free workplace policy shall occur at this time. Each employee shall also receive a copy of the Employee Handbook and any other pertinent literature concerning employment. The Human Resources Director will direct the employee to their immediate supervisor.

The supervisor shall orient each new employee to the conditions related to their job and work site. Such orientation shall include introductions to co-workers, work standards, safety regulations, break periods, supplies, etc. The supervisor shall assure that all pertinent items on the orientation checklist are covered.

Introductory Period
A) The introductory period is an integral part of the employment process allowing the immediate supervisor to train, observe, and evaluate the employee’s performance in order to determine eligibility for regular status. The introductory period is 180 days. The Supervisor shall evaluate the employee at least two weeks prior to the employee’s eligibility to be placed on regular status. The following actions may be recommended:

The employee will be given a regular, full-time, temporary or seasonal appointment.

The employee remains in introductory status for a designated time period, without a pay increase until performance is deemed satisfactory. If, at the end of one extended introductory period, performance is still not satisfactory, the employee will be dismissed.

The employee may be dismissed. Introductory employees may be dismissed without cause. (This action must occur by the time the employee completes 180 days of employment, or at the end of an extended period.)

Recommend, that the employee be demoted or returned to a former position and pay, if available.

B) Introductory employees do not have access to the grievance and appeal procedures provided for regular status employees.

A separating employee shall complete clearance through their immediate Supervisor, the Accounting Department, and the Human Resources Department. The final pay check will be issued only upon completion of the Employee Termination Clearance Report. If the employee’s termination date does not coincide with the last day of a pay period, the employee will receive compensation for time worked.

The following shall be considered valid reasons for separation:

Any employee who desires to resign from Tribal employment should submit their resignation in writing to the supervisor. The last day worked by an employee shall be considered the date of separation, and the employee shall be compensated for all unused vacation leave accrued to that date.

The Executive Director may separate any employee due to lack of funds or curtailment of work, after giving written notice of at least two weeks to such employees. The employee shall be compensated for all unused vacation leave accrued to that date. However, no regular employee shall be separated from any department while there are introductory, temporary or seasonal employees serving in the same type of position.

When it is determined, on the basis of a medical examination, that an employee is incapable of performing necessary duties satisfactorily because of a physical or mental impairment which is likely to continue indefinitely or to recur frequently, the appointment may be terminated.

The immediate Supervisor may, with the concurrence of the Executive Director, dismiss for cause any employee in the department by delivering a written statement of reasons to the employee concerned, with a copy to the Executive Director and Human Resources Director.

In order for an employee to receive their final pay check, an Employee Release Form must be completed and signed by the Supervisor and the Human Resources Director. Final checks will not be issued until a copy of this report is on file in the Accounting Office.