Squaxin Safe Streets

Squaxin Safe Streets logo created by Sam Ackerman, 2015
Logo by Sam Ackerman


“Squaxin Safe Streets is creating a healthy, lively community, organizing to promote healing and culture through networking within the community and other agencies to achieve wellness for ALL.”
– Mission adopted April 30th, 2015 by the Squaxin Safe Streets Advisory Board.

Squaxin Safe Streets meets every third Tuesday of the month at 5pm in the Community Kitchen.

Meetings typically last no more than an hour and a half and focus on planning upcoming activities, sharing concerns and information, and creating a supportive and positive environment for healing. Dinner is served and everyone is welcome to attend.

Squaxin Safe Streets Advisory Board

  • Co-Leaders: Patricia Green & Audelia Araiza
  • Secretary: Chasity Masoner
  • Treasurer: Vicky Kruger
  • Members: Samantha Ackerman, Elizabeth Heredia, Lorna Lee Gouin

The Advisory Board meets monthly before regularly scheduled Squaxin Safe Streets meetings to plan and prioritize agendas, take the lead in organizing and receive training in community mobilization skills.

Squaxin Safe Streets Block Watch Captains

  • Ko-Pul Loop: Sharon and Herb Johns
  • Klabsch (New Apartments): Dorinda Thein
  • Sol-La-Tah Loop: Patricia Green
  • SE Corner of T’Peeksin: Sam Ackerman
  • NW Corner of T’Peeksin: Kim Elam
  • Elders (at large): Elizabeth Heredia
  • Kamilche Trading Post: Audelia Araiza
  • Se-Nak-Sub Loop: Chasity Masoner
  • Klah-Che-Min Drive (between Sa-Heh-WaMish and Ho-Mamish): Lorna Gouin
  • Tys-Ul-Tad Loop: Casey Brown
  • Skalapin Lane: Susan McFarlane
  • Homamish Court: Daren Brownfield

Block Watch Captains agree to be community leaders in their assigned areas, offer a point of contact to their neighbors, help keep track of suspicious activity, organize community events and activities, and stay well informed and positive in the Squaxin community.

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