Inclement Weather Operations

The Squaxin Tribe’s top priority is the safety and welfare of the tribal community, staff, and the public.

Tribal government may, in inclement weather or other emergency situations, decide to operate with essential staff only or issue a late start or early release from work. This normally coincides with Shelton School District closures. If Shelton School District is closed, Squaxin Island Tribe will operate with essential staff only. If the School District is running a delayed start or early release, Squaxin Island Tribe will do the same. This policy is in place to protect our tribal membership and employees and to allow them to be home with their familes.

The following information will help you understand what services will be available or unavailable, along with rescheduling information.

You may also call our toll free number (877) 386-3649.

Inclement Weather Policy

Health Services (Clinic, Pharmacy, Dental and Behavioral Health)

Health Services follows the Shelton School District late start schedule.

If Shelton School District is closed, we will be 2 hours late (no closure).

In the rare event that the clinic must close, the community and patients will be notified.

This will be on a case-by-case basis.

REMINDER – If you hear of upcoming inclement weather, check to see what prescriptions you may need to have filled prior to the event.

Non emergent care
If health care staff are unavailable and an eligible patient needs to be seen right away, they can go to Providence Urgent Care in West Olympia or Shelton Family Medicine in Shelton . It is required that the patient call the Purchase Referred Care (PRC) Specialist to let her know the situation on the same day as the service. Please call Jaclyn 360-432-3922 and leave a detailed message (name, contact information, date of service, service provider, what being seen for).

Planning and Community Development

Public Safety and Justice

Officers do not follow the Inclement Weather Policy. They will be available and can be reached at (360) 426-4441. Remember to dial 911 for emergencies.

PSJ participates in the Emergency Operations Center when necessary.

Administrative staff follow the Inclement Weather Policy, but can be reached through the number above.

If tribal offices are functioning on Essential Personnel Status on a day that court is scheduled, it will be cancelled and new dates will be posted.


If tribal offices are operating on Essential Personnel Status on an employee pay day, paychecks may be handed out by Human Resources. Otherwise they will be available for pickup when offices reopen. To avoid this situation, it is recommended to have automatic bank deposit set up.

Per Capitas
If tribal offices are operating on Essential Personnel Status on a scheduled Per Capita distribution day, checks will be handed out from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. only. In extreme cases when staff are not able to come in, checks will be available when the offices reopen. To avoid this situation, it is recommended to have automatic bank deposit set up.

Updated will be shared on the the Squaxin Island Tribe Facebook page.

Information Services

Limited staff will ensure alarm systems are operating properly in all buildings.

Employees can receive assistance on tech issues by emailing

This website and the Tribe’s toll free number, (877) 386-3649, will be updated, as necessary, to communicate with the tribal membership and the public. Updates will also be posted to the Squaxin Island Tribe Facebook page.

Family Services

Family Services Elder’s and Vulnerable Adult staff MAY be available short hours at the discretion of the Family Services Director, and in accordance with their safety.

The food bank will be closed, but will be open when offices reopen.

The Elders building may be open depending on the severity of the weather conditions.

General Assistance
GA checks MAY be available during limited hours.


The Education Department, including both the Tu Ha’ Buts Learning Center (TLC) and the Child Development Center (CDC), currently follows Shelton School District practices. In situations where the weather conditions call for a 2-hour delay, the TLC opens at 9:30 a.m. on working days, and the CDC opens at 8:00 a.m. Should the school district announce a closure for the day due to weather conditions, the Squaxin Island Tribe Education programs will be unavailable. Programs will resume when offices reopen.

Parks and Rec

Afterschool programs will be unavailable. Programs will resume when offices reopen.

Gym usage will be unavailable. Activities will resume when offices reopen.

The pool will be unavailable and resume scheduled activities when offices reopen.

Updates will be posted to the Parks and Rec Facebook page.

Natural Resources

Typically, clam digs and  aquatics fisheries do not close.

If a dig is cancelled, the cancellation will be posted on the Natural Resources hotline, Natural Resources Facebook page, and the Squaxin Island website.

Human Resources

See above under Finance.

Job interviews will be rescheduled and applicants will be notified.

Cultural Resources

Cultural Resources staff will be unavailable and will resume normal duties when offices reopen.

Northwest Indian Treatment Center

Northwest Indian Treatment Center (NWITC) will remain open, but staff may be limited.