Branches of Salish Roots Farm

Community Garden Program branches:

    • Vegetable garden
    • Traditional medicine garden
    • Elders Garden
    • Revitalization of established fruit tree orchard
    • Streamside restoration, trail restoration
    • Educational classes on traditional foods and medicine
    • Cooking classes for the Tribal community with fresh organic produce
    • Traditional medicine making classes
    • Harvesting workshops
    • Plant identification walks
    • Education for young children through on-site partnership with the Squaxin Child Development Center
    • Ongoing land, building, machinery, crop, infrastructure maintenance
    • Celebrations/harvest parties
    • Work Parties and volunteer efforts (community-building and skill-building) including:
      • Educational workshops on tree care
      • Basic gardening techniques, cultivation, composting, weeding, trimming, and pruning and other aspects of garden maintenance like improving soil conditions.
      • Weeding thistle and blackberry bushes
      • Hauling loads of soil, oyster shell, and woodchips