Misti Saenz-Garcia

Running for Tribal Council Member 2

Nominated by: Julie Owens

Hello to all members of my tribal family!

If elected to Tribal Council, I bring the humble promise of fighting for progressive policies that create social and economic justice for all of us.

I am solution-oriented with an excellent report card on providing results/services that directly benefit our tribal membership.

If elected to Tribal Council, my goal would be to strengthen our economic state to bolster our per capita distributions/dividends (especially in these times).

I hope to be a voice of advocacy for you at the table with local, regional, and national Native American issues.

I hope to strengthen our programs, our accountability, and open means of communications.

We strengthen our journey by paddling together.

It’s already been a decade since I had a seat at the Tribal Council table, but I have continued to dedicate myself to our people through my actions, commitment, and actual follow-through. When one of ours is down, I do not run away; I run forward to their aid.

I was born and raised here at Squaxin. My grandmother was born and raised on Squaxin Island (Theresa Nason, master basketweaver).We are united as one Tribe, one tribal family, under the guidance of our Creator and our ancestors. As a member of this family, I often serve as mother, sister, auntie to so many of you, because I sincerely care about you.

My priorities include culture, language, youth programs, employment, apprenticeship programs, Elders, education, natural resources, health and wellness, and, especially, services for tribal members in need – and not just during “election season.” A great man once told me, “It is something you either got, or don’t got. It cannot be gifted or taught suddenly for show.”

I hope to give what the community needs and deserves, current with today’s times.

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