2021 Elections for Council Secretary and Council Treasurer was done via mail-in ballots.

The first round of the 2021 Election season is done and was counted on May 1st.

Marvin Campbell was elected to Council Treasurer as he collected more than 50% of the votes.

A runoff was required to determine the Council Secretary. Jeremie Walls held the most votes, while Patrick Braese and Michael Ogden both tied for second place.
Because we need a runoff between two candidates we must do a 2nd Place Runoff to break the tie between Patrick Braese and Michael Ogden.

We held a 2nd Place Runoff Election with ballots counted May 29th, 2021. Patrick Braese came out ahead of Michael Ogden and will proceed in the next election against Jeremie Walls.

The Runoff Election for Tribal Council Secretary has been between Patrick Braese and Jeremie Walls. The results were Patrick Braese with 146 votes and Jeremie Walls with 141 votes. Patrick Braese has been elected to Tribal Council Secretary.

This concludes our 2021 General Elections for Tribal Council

Elections Edition of the Klah-Che-Min

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Elections Consultant
The Elections Consultant will be managing the Ballots (distribution and counting)  in order to ensure a non-biased and anonymous election. Our Elections Consultant is MKElections, a expert in Election  Administration who has done elections for the Squaxin Island Tribe for many years  as well as many other organizations and tribes, including the Klamath, Samish, and Suquamish Tribes. More information about MKElections can be found on their website here .

More Information
For questions or concerns about this process, please contact us at .
If you had trouble receiving or mailing your ballots in the previous election, please let the committee know yourself and include details.

For your convenience, The Tribe’s Constitution is available here.

Elections Committee
The Elections Committee is an advisory board of volunteers. The committee advises actions related to elections to Tribal Council and takes directives from Tribal Council regarding Elections each year. The Elections Committee works with consultants, other volunteers and any relevant tribal entities to make all Tribal Elections happen in a fair, legal and transparent manner. The Elections Committee is appointed by Tribal Council. In recent years Tribal Council has appointed every applicant they received to the committee.


  • Joshua Whitener (Chair)
  • Juana Nelson (Vice Chair)
  • Cassidy Gott (Secretary)
  • Tamatha Ford (Staff Support)
  • Mitzie Whitener
  • Terri Capoeman
  • Elizabeth Kuntz
  • Niki Ho
  • Monica Nerney
  • Penni Restivo
  • Candace Penn
  • Jaimie Cruz