June 27th at Little Creek Casino Resort Events Center

Candidates Running for Tribal Council

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Council Member #1 Council Member #2

Incumbent: Incumbent:

Arnold Cooper

Beverly Hawks

David Whitener, Jr.

Candidates Candidates

Vincent Henry Sr.

Sally Brownfield

Redwolf Krise

Charlene Krise

Andy Whitener

Misti Saenz-Garcia

Vicki Kruger

Patrick Whitener

Kris Klabsch Peters

If you are planning to run for Tribal Council, please send your announcement and a photo to Theresa Henderson at to be included on this page and a special elections edition of the Klah-Che-Min newsletter.


General Council Elections

General Council elections have been postponed from their usual time (the first weekend May) due to concerns over the Coronavirus pandemic. At this time, the 2020 General Council elections are scheduled for June 27th at Little Creek Casino Resort Events Center.

The Squaxin Island Tribe’s constitution states that elections will be held at an annual meeting held by the Tribe in the spring each year. Nominees must be present and must be nominated at the meeting. Also, the vote must take place at the meeting with a quorum of 30% of our eligible voting members.

While Tribal Council was able to postpone the meeting, absentee/mail-in votes will not be possible without constitutional amendment. Tribal Council and the Elections Committee are presently looking into necessary measures for a constitutional amendment that would allow for a smoother election process and more fluid control over things like absentee/mail-in votes when it is needed. We will be reaching out to the community with information and feedback on this in coming months.

If you are interested in reading our Constitution, it can be found here.