Patrick Whitener


My name is Patrick Whitener, son of Wilson Whitener and Donna Duback.

I am running for Council Secretary.

First, I would like to thank everyone for keeping us safe during this last year.

I would like to thank past and current Tribal Council for the path they put us on to get us here. I would like to thank our Elders and ancestors for showing us the way.

I have spent 20 years working with tribal organizations. Five years were spent at the casino, 10 years at the tobacco factory, and I am now going on my fifth year working with Housing.

Most of you know me to be straight forward, confident, and easy to talk to. I would like the opportunity to build on the foundation set before us.

I believe in being unbiased and transparent. Together, we can open up many possibilities for our tribe.

Those of you who don’t know me, please feel free to reach out and get to know me.

I would be honored to serve our Tribe in a positive and uplifting manor.