We hope you enjoy this glimpse from within (WHO WE ARE), the native people of South Puget Sound. We are descendants of the maritime people who lived and prospered along these shores for untold centuries. Because of our strong cultural connection with the water, we are also known as the People of the Water.

  • Noo-Seh-Chatl – Henderson Inlet watershed
  • Steh-Chass – Budd Inlet watershed
  • Squi-Aitl – Eld Inlet watershed
  • T’Peeksin – Totten Inlet watershed
  • Sa-Heh-Wa-Mish – Hammersley Inlet watershed
  • Squawksin – Case Inlet watershed
  • S’Hotle-Ma-Mish – Carr Inlet watershed

The tribe is purchasing fractionated interest in land on Squaxin Island
Please open this link for all the details.
Squaxin Island Land Purchase

Lushootseed Translations

Hear a sample of Coast Salish music.