Patrick Braese


I’m Patrick Braese.  I proudly accept the nomination for Squaxin Island Tribal Council Secretary.

And without a doubt would love and be honored to serve you on our Tribal Council.

As a Tribe, we have always striven to be the first in our area to have a casino/resort and golf course, legal marijuana grow and distribution, and tobacco factory, amongst other things.

But I truly believe, to reach our full potential, it’s time too start asking questions like, why aren’t we self-sufficient yet, or what steps do we need to take to be the first to have a tribal hospital and Elder care center on Rez?

As a Tribe, we should take advantage of the lands we have to build a tribal school filled with tribal teachers and staff as a form of self-preservation. Especially with the threats of Covid and racism and how unpredictable things can be these days.

We should look into options for converting over to solar energy on the Rez, explore how to get our own actual grocery store where we can buy our everyday needs, and have an actual seafood market so we have a place too sell and market our own Squaxin Island oysters, clams, fish, and geoduck, as well as a family-style restaurant that’s separate from the casino resort.  I know it wouldn’t see a huge amount of profit, but it would be a amazing service and provice great job opportunities for everyone.