Redwolf Krise

Running for Tribal Council Member 2

Nominated by: Jean Parker

Squaxin Islanders,







The roots of a growing tree are important. We are all Squaxin’s roots and we run deep. Please let me be a voice for our roots.

Redwolf Krise for Position Two

Hello to all my family and friends. It’s hard and scary during this time in history and we should be thinking with our hearts as well as our minds. To know your roots, rights, and fight for them.

I am willing to use my voice for any who need or want something said or asked. There are many issues that can be discussed, and I am totally willing to listen to any of them. This would be a first step in for me, so I don’t want to promise the stars, but I do promise to vote with my heart and make sure it’s good for the people. I think it would be nice to have meetings that explain to our people our long-term goals with decisions our council makes. I would love to see us actually have a General Council meeting where the General Council gets to vote on a decision or two. We haven’t done that in a lifetime, and some decisions should be all of ours.

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