Frequently Asked Questions (Elections)

All questions are related to the current Mail In Ballot Election

Why was the Spring General Body Meeting cancelled?
Out  of concern for the health and safety of our community at The Elections Committee’s  recommendation Tribal Council decided to cancel the meeting and move the elections into a Mail-In Ballot  process. While the Mason County thankfully has a very low rate of Covid-19 infection, other counties in Washington State and other states have Covid-19 cases on the rise.  Because this is an event in which tribal members from across the world are invited to participate   in meeting for multiple hours it was seemed unsafe to continue with the General Body Meeting at this time.

How do I vote?
You will receive a ballot in the mail at the address tribal enrollment has on file for you. Once you receive your ballot you will need to open your envelope. Inside you will find a ballot, a security sheet, and a stamped return envelop with the  mailing and return address filled out. You simply need to follow the instructions inside. Fill in the boxes for the candidates you would like to vote for, fold the ballot into the security sheet and then place the ballot & security sheet inside the return envelope. Once you have sealed the return envelope, take it to any outgoing mailbox to cast your vote.

How do I update or check my address?
The enrollment office will be handling all addresses. To update or check your address on file call Tammy Ford at (360) 432-3888 or e-mail .   Please update your address as soon as possible as ballots will begin printing and mail-out as soon as June 29th.

What if I lose  or ruin my ballot?
You may request for another ballot to be sent to the address of your request. We will have a number for you to call in the future. Your previous lost or ruined ballot will be invalidated in the  system and the lost/ruined ballot will not be counted if it is sent in.

How do I nominate a candidate?
To nominate a candidate you must be a tribal member of age 18 or over.  Fill out the Candidate Nominations Form and submit it to the Elections Committee. You may submit the form in person or at the Tribal Center (10 SE Squaxin Ln, Shelton WA).. The form must be submitted by Tuesday, 4:00 PM June 23rd, 2020 to be valid. You will need some information from the candidate, like address and enrollment number.

How do I accept or decline nomination?
If you are an eligible candidate you need to fill out the Candidate Response Form declaring whether you accept or decline the nomination. If you accept you will also need to provide a 3 minute or less video declaring your acceptance.  The form and acceptance is required by Friday, 4:00 PM June 26th, 2020.  If  a response is not filled by the deadline the  response is decline by omission.

Who is eligible to vote?
This election will follow the same rules of previous elections  given our Constitution and Electoral Code that were voted in by the General Council (General Body). Any member  of age 18 and over will be allowed to vote. There is no restriction on location for voters. At the time of this writing we have 817 eligible tribal member voters.

Who is eligible to run?
As ruled by the constitution any tribal member who is  18 years and over who has domiciled (lived) within 50 miles of Squaxin Island for the past year will be eligible to run as a  candidate for Tribal Council. Our Electoral Code restricts   members from running for more than one position in a given election, however members may run for as many elections  as they want. Sitting Council Members may also run for a position without giving up their current seat unless they win.