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Daily Scoop for March 22

Wishing a Happy Birthday To
Charlene Ann Krise
Jose Francisco-Coley
Lorane D. Gamber

Saturday Birthdays
Evelyn Angel Hall
Nora Jean Coxwell
Ronin Sharky Edwards
Troy Gelacio Orozco

Sunday Birthdays
Jaelynn Elise Moliga
Joanna Ruby Fuller
John Brady Whitener
Taylor Randolf Krise
Tucker Blaine Hindley

No Elders Meal Today

Clinic is Closed Today
The clinic will be closed all day today for emergency maintenance.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

For Sale
18 inch hand painted drum made by Casey Krise
Casey recovered from a severe brain injury and had to re-learn how to paint using his left hand rather than his right – a pretty amazing task and accomplishment making this an especially valuable piece!

Tribal Employees may have the personal use of the pool for the following at no charge:
Water Fitness
Open Swim
Adult Swim lessons

Tribal Employees may rent the pool at half price:
Pool Rental is $125 an hour (minimal 2 hours)
Includes 1 lifeguard up to 20 swimmers.
Employee price $62.50 an hour (minimal 2 hours)

Additional Life Guards (does not get discounted)
21-40 swimmers additional lifeguard $30
41-60 swimmers 2 additional lifeguards $60

Tribal Employee Family members (Spouse/Partner and dependents) may have the use of the pool for half price for the following programs:
Open Swim $7.00 (Discount $3.50)
Water Fitness $50.00 a month (Discount $25.00 a month)

If you have any questions please contact Janita Raham, Squaxin Island Tribes Parks and Recreation Manager Office: 360-432-3869 or email:


This Weekend

Oyster and Clam Harvest Regulations

Hunting Regulations

Thought for the Day
Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

A Joke a Day

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